- Z to interact 

-Arrow keys to move

A short story in RPG form, made for the Scream Solstice game jam.

Made in GB Studio.

Silent because I ran out of time and am very tired.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsGame Boy, Horror, Pixel Art


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I really enjoyed this game, especially the creature designs and dialog. I think the lack of music is kind of nice, actually. It creates an environment reminiscent of a silent forest blanketed by snow so heavy that it muffles all sound. I played a few times and made different choices to try to get a different ending, but alas. I wonder if there's a way for this poor kid to make it out of the forest...?

Hey I just saw this, haven't checked my itch in like a month as I've been super busy on my current project! Thank you so much for the kind comment, it means the world to me that you stumbled across this and liked it so much. I didn't get around to adding the multiple endings I wanted during the jam as I essentially made the game over the course of one night; that said, I would absolutely love to revisit the general theme and flesh it out into a more complete piece in the future. Hopefully in the near future I'll have time to tackle more small folk horror projects again, as it's a genre that's very near and dear to me.

I loved the dialogue

Thank you, I had a lot of fun with it! Dialogue is by far what I enjoy writing most.

you add updates to the game, some sound would prove to make the experience much more enjoyable. Great game!


thank you!! I swear I'll get around to actually updating this some day lol (complete with music and sound)